Friday, September 19, 2008


Georgian soldiers
I want the one in the sexy shades!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Shirley Way

Welcome to Harsha!

Harsha's joined us on a couple of night outs and I've never been prouder. Not that I've always seen her in action but from what I've heard, she's going The Shirley Way.

You may wonder what The Shirley Way is... That is when you forget where you are, you tell your Mom you're not drunk and hope that she doesn't want to talk and you wake up in a house having no recollection how you got there.

Harsha has shown great promise in this direction. Pretty soon, she's going to be giving her Mom my number and making sure I don't answer calls from that number. For some reason I cannot fathom, Shirley's given me her Mom's, Bro's, and Dad's numbers. She's also written 'ignore' next to each of them. The few times I've answered those calls, they've hung up convinced I'm an evil influence on their daughter.

Harsha has also discovered a new found love for white wine. But, like all AU returned piping shrikers after Jeru, she's become a snob. No Indian wine for her... it has to be Australian. :) I cannot quite remember what The Shirley Way says on the topic of wine but I'm sure it must be on similar lines.

The Shirley Way also advocates having only Davidoff cigarettes. Unavailability of this means trying out 10-15 different varieties until you drive the cigarette seller insane. Harsha has, sadly, not yet learned this art.

Harsha has a long way to go before she's mastered The Shirley Way. But, with Shirley right by her side encouraging her, she's bound to go far. :)

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