Monday, March 2, 2009

In the real world

In dreams we do so many things
We set aside the rules we know
And fly the world so high
In great and shining rings

If only we could always live in dreams
If only we could make of life
What, in dreams, it seems!

But in the real world
We must say real goodbyes
No matter if the love will live
It will never die

In the real world
There are things that we can't change
And endings come to us
In ways that we can't rearrange

When we're dreaming heart to heart
I wish that we had stayed right there
For when the dreamers do awake
The dreams do disappear

I love you, and you love me
But sometimes we must let it be
In the real world....

- Just cos' I'm bored and this song makes me cry.

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