Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 months and a few...

...since we last updated this. And this includes the last 2 one line updates of Zorastrian gods and Madonnas that cannot die - which is tragic really. Clearly a sign of fewer things that we've been doing together and the stress of work getting to us, I would think.

So to commemorate the hope of some return, I have taken it upon myself to update this. And I am sure that Sohna and Jerusha will feel compelled to carry on this legacy. Here's the bit where I get stuck though, I can't think of anything except our move to the new floor which unfortunately has been the most exciting thing in all our lives in the last few weeks. Of course, congratulations to Aunt Jerusha on the birth of her nephew whose pictures we haven't yet seen but I think I'll let her update us on that one. Welcome back from Sydney too :)

So, our move to the third floor of which we don't have pictures (since it isn't really exciting) happened on the Friday last. Jerusha wasn't around but both Sohna and I are envious of where she sits now, two steps away from the smoking area and if she so much as stands up to look out the window, she'll see the beautiful waters of a nice shimmering blue pool calling out in many a seductive voice.

Okay, I give up - this is rather pathetic. I would describe how the colours of the floor are bathed in blue and red but that just makes me want to keel over and die. Which wouldn't be the best thing.

So, I sign this off in the hope that either Sohna or Jerusha updates this with something happier hopefully before this blog gets shuttled off into oblivion. :)

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