Monday, December 29, 2008

Waiting With Open Arms

Happens every Christmas, I am left bereft, dying with nothing but the compassion of ambiguous campaigns left to compose me. Not so bad really, save the fact that everyone's gone on holidays - eating, drinking, making merry whilst I still recover from a mere 4 days spent in the presence of food and television and rest and glorious sleep.

I miss my glorious sleep but notice the boredom which has caused me to blog at 12:30 in the afternoon on a working day. Jeru, pay heed and rejoice for I have kept this page alive in the absence of you and Sohna, who living it up in comforting winters and beautiful countrysides with high mountains and pretty flowers are bound to return. Ha ha a week more and yes, back to the drudgery from whence you went :D Ah, feel so good.

Happy New Year you guys. Can't wait to have you back!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Jerusha & Sohna's Myriad Vocabulary

It's always fun being around them, yes them whose speech has powers to dazzle the bards of yore, the linguists of long standing tradition, the etymologists of years past. I am amazed what everyday brings to me, things that bring a smile to my face, a giggle, a laugh, a hysterical choke...So, yes, I am very thankful to them and would love to hear what Freud might have to say about these many utterances that can come forth with much ease.

Creation number 1: Bemkserable As used in the phrase 'kid will bemkserable" (copyright - Sohna)

I came upon this in much delight yesterday, when Jerusha IMed with "what do you think this could mean?" Cluelessness caught me dumbfounded, and in quest of the truth I meekly ventured to ask the very creator herself. First besought by quietness, followed by an 'lol' (perhaps one of mockery) - I was offered the following explanation:

"It means the misery you get when your name is miserable"

Ah, the dawn of wisdom. In happiness and having gained the power that is knowledge, I walked away knowing that all was indeed right with the world

Creation number 2: Peasant As used in the phrase "Roasted peasants are the best meat" (Copyright - Jerusha)

I cannot take away from that classic statement in the form of any explanation. But presumption leads me to assume that she was referring to a certain kind of bird, poultry or fowl that is much enjoyed upon consumption.

Creation number 3: Custard bum As used in the phrase "Aromas has the best custard bum ever" (Copyright - Sohna)

It is true, Aroma's of China, our favourite restaurant in town, does have the best custard bum desserts in the city :P

Creation number 4: Covetion. As being the noun form of "covet." (Copyright - Jerusha). For example, "Covetion of thy neighbour's wife is an evil evil sin."

Creation number 5: Shit...As used in the phrase "Shilpa and the others will shit on the meeting with us"

I know I know the word is not new to us...we hear it everyday, use it in many forms but I thought that this was one of the best examples of its use that I've known. Especially when using it in professional conversation with a counterpart from across the oceans. The response from this professional? A titter, a giggle (muffled, yes) for you see how the borders of professionalism cannot mock a phrase so deep.

But dear God, I've been unable to stop. And this has come out of just two days of meeting occassionally over breaks. So, with much gratefulness, I sign off this post with special thanks to two beautiful friends. I promise, I'll add heaps more from over the next few days. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Georgian soldiers
I want the one in the sexy shades!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Shirley Way

Welcome to Harsha!

Harsha's joined us on a couple of night outs and I've never been prouder. Not that I've always seen her in action but from what I've heard, she's going The Shirley Way.

You may wonder what The Shirley Way is... That is when you forget where you are, you tell your Mom you're not drunk and hope that she doesn't want to talk and you wake up in a house having no recollection how you got there.

Harsha has shown great promise in this direction. Pretty soon, she's going to be giving her Mom my number and making sure I don't answer calls from that number. For some reason I cannot fathom, Shirley's given me her Mom's, Bro's, and Dad's numbers. She's also written 'ignore' next to each of them. The few times I've answered those calls, they've hung up convinced I'm an evil influence on their daughter.

Harsha has also discovered a new found love for white wine. But, like all AU returned piping shrikers after Jeru, she's become a snob. No Indian wine for her... it has to be Australian. :) I cannot quite remember what The Shirley Way says on the topic of wine but I'm sure it must be on similar lines.

The Shirley Way also advocates having only Davidoff cigarettes. Unavailability of this means trying out 10-15 different varieties until you drive the cigarette seller insane. Harsha has, sadly, not yet learned this art.

Harsha has a long way to go before she's mastered The Shirley Way. But, with Shirley right by her side encouraging her, she's bound to go far. :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New template, and hello too!

So we got a new template, and redid the entire page! We think it's cute, but even it was not, it's different, and we were stuck with the old one for way too long. But what can we say, we're lazy. When we can't even make decent posts regularly, hunting for and implementing a new template is out of the question.

But here it is. It is done. Hoorah!

And a new template calls for a way overdue new post. It's actually Sohna's turn, but because all she can hear these days are little tinkling bells, no matter how much one reminds her, no matter how often she says yes, it's just not going to happen.

So as the admin mice, I will take it upon myself the task of posting a know what, I can't think of anything. So let's just do pictures this time. I'm gonna go look in my folders and pick 4 random favorite pictures out.

#1 - Look what I shot! Who are these two lovers frolicking by the may ask. And while I can safely reveal the identity of the handsome Brazilian man, I will not because it is of no importance. And yes, the other one is a mice, a rare moment, a mice being friendly with a cunning but stoned cat :-)

#2 - ***sigh*** "Nought warm where your hand was...."#3 - Lucky, and this picture earns a place here because he's so beautiful.
#4 - I like the smiles around the table :-)

Okay, that's all. If either Sohna or Shirley still don't update after this, this blog is as good as dead, new template and all. Gone with the wind.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fare thee well, dear child

Shirley off to the land of no salt and pepper. While her poor Indian palate may suffer so, and we feel the deepest sympathies, we here will greatly suffer from her absence so! Aye, much more than her palate will suffer.

She's young, like a young hart. And we fear the First World ways may befuddle her so, may wrought her maiden heart with worries so, may cause the skin of her forehead to wrinkle, may cause her hands to tremble and render them useless altogether!

So here's a little prayer for you, Shirley -

I pray You'll be her eyes, and watch her where she goes
And help her to be wise, in times when she doesn't know
Let this be her prayer, as she goes her way
Lead her to a place, guide her with Your grace
To a place where she'll be safe.

Well, that sounds like she's dead. But no, she's very alive. Probably 'alively-sinning' somewhere on the shores of Bangkok right now. All we'll say from here is don't overdose, we'd like to have you back breathing :-)

Enjoy yourself Shirley! Do not forget to soak in the jacuzzi with a cold bottle of Moscato. Every night. :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's To You Sohna

Broad smiles, silly grins, broader smiles, a little blush, a turn of bright red and tons of concealer. The very description of Sohna when meeting Prince Charming at 10 D. You think I exaggerate? Well hmm, no not really :P Actually - here's what happened:

We were discussing OKRs (it's true, we are insane) at a nice comfortable booth and bitching about work when he texts her. She texts back. Smile. Tries to go back to talk of work. Fails miserably. He replies to her text. She texts back. She complains of poor network. He walks in. (Choir of angels go off in her head)

Ha ha ok - so I do exaggerate a tad. But this is what I saw. He excuses himself to the men's restroom and which time she boldly summarises all the points we had listed on our little tissue paper. I'm sure she was reading it but I'm not so sure that she was "reading" it LOL.

Big smile throughout our time there with occasional trips to the bathroom and questions of "Well....?" and "What do you think....?" and "Well.....?"

I will admit though, it was a fun night. I flopped myself right bang in the middle of their date very shamelessly and ended up with a glorious hangover the next morning. But as this post goes to show - No regrets! :D

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of Snobs

Jeru's finally back...

Ok, she's been back for ages but I've been too lazy to update before this. :D

She's back and she's become a snob. :D For someone who drank copious amount of beer before leaving, she now refuses to touch the stuff. Wine's the drink for her. Um, well also for all of us....But, we blame her completely for corrupting us!

And we were having a frankie...A lovely chicken roll wrapped in a roti. Ozzie land had her so caught up in exotic food that she called roti 'bread.' Bread!!! Terrible...

And the final straw, she'll only get on the humble flyover in Begumpet if it has the fabled Chinese Restaurant at the end of the Bridge.

The snobbishness is spreading though. Shirley thinks FP is too 'common' now and will only sip 10D and Dublin's finest choice of alcohol. Apparently, I'm a snob cos I won't go out with guys who sms 'gud' and 'muaah.' (Though, I think i'm justified there!!)

Well, the wine's good at the Sheraton and there are no guys who say 'Muah.' Being a snob does have its perks. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

The night Sohna cooked...

No wonder the Vindaloo ended up in the trash bin and poor Pete had to be sent off without a last taste of his favorite Indian dish off to the land of no-Vindaloos.

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