Friday, November 21, 2008

Jerusha & Sohna's Myriad Vocabulary

It's always fun being around them, yes them whose speech has powers to dazzle the bards of yore, the linguists of long standing tradition, the etymologists of years past. I am amazed what everyday brings to me, things that bring a smile to my face, a giggle, a laugh, a hysterical choke...So, yes, I am very thankful to them and would love to hear what Freud might have to say about these many utterances that can come forth with much ease.

Creation number 1: Bemkserable As used in the phrase 'kid will bemkserable" (copyright - Sohna)

I came upon this in much delight yesterday, when Jerusha IMed with "what do you think this could mean?" Cluelessness caught me dumbfounded, and in quest of the truth I meekly ventured to ask the very creator herself. First besought by quietness, followed by an 'lol' (perhaps one of mockery) - I was offered the following explanation:

"It means the misery you get when your name is miserable"

Ah, the dawn of wisdom. In happiness and having gained the power that is knowledge, I walked away knowing that all was indeed right with the world

Creation number 2: Peasant As used in the phrase "Roasted peasants are the best meat" (Copyright - Jerusha)

I cannot take away from that classic statement in the form of any explanation. But presumption leads me to assume that she was referring to a certain kind of bird, poultry or fowl that is much enjoyed upon consumption.

Creation number 3: Custard bum As used in the phrase "Aromas has the best custard bum ever" (Copyright - Sohna)

It is true, Aroma's of China, our favourite restaurant in town, does have the best custard bum desserts in the city :P

Creation number 4: Covetion. As being the noun form of "covet." (Copyright - Jerusha). For example, "Covetion of thy neighbour's wife is an evil evil sin."

Creation number 5: Shit...As used in the phrase "Shilpa and the others will shit on the meeting with us"

I know I know the word is not new to us...we hear it everyday, use it in many forms but I thought that this was one of the best examples of its use that I've known. Especially when using it in professional conversation with a counterpart from across the oceans. The response from this professional? A titter, a giggle (muffled, yes) for you see how the borders of professionalism cannot mock a phrase so deep.

But dear God, I've been unable to stop. And this has come out of just two days of meeting occassionally over breaks. So, with much gratefulness, I sign off this post with special thanks to two beautiful friends. I promise, I'll add heaps more from over the next few days. :)

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