Friday, December 28, 2007


Yes, it has been established, made know unto all who will listen, I am bored! And my brutal friends do not help ease the boredom.

I have a packet of sugar stolen surreptitiously from Barista and my mind has drawn a blank. I've also discovered that when I put anything down in writing, I switch to writing in a very formal register or in English from the seventeenth century...this, the dear Sohna, is helping me overcome. Thanks be unto you, sweet maiden.

So, everyone's gone away....vanquished from these dear lands. Jerusha (we miss you :) ) is living it up in Mizoram and the guys have gone 'Down under' for Christmas. Oooh, behold, a standstill!

Ok...there be no point to this blog! But helllpp

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Woes & Agonies Of Apostle Gan.

Ahem, before I be slaughtered by my noble compatriots and more importantly, before I forget everything from the last few nights, I feel that I must record every blurry moment that I have been subject to over the past couple of days.

And, no no this is not another post about any drunken encounters. Rather, this be about those things that may cause the faint of heart to tremble :) LOL, so as promised to the guys, I figure, that our courageous Apostle must feature in our blog. Here's to you, Pete, for enriching our lives thus on an every day basis.

The following tale is true and bears no likeness to any other you may have heard before:

So our brave and courageous Knight is strolling along and playing the very role of Chivalry. Escorting two beautiful women in the dead of night to their house on the streets of Venkatgiri, he spots a creature in the distance, hurtling steadily towards him. This famed creature, is Goofy (a friendly neighborhood dog, much loved and bearing tremendous respect for the girls).

Smriti, our fair and faint hearted damsel, lets out a brief cry of happiness, upon seeing the lovable creature. This, however, was followed by a blood curling, death initiating yelp from our brave soldier. The stillness of the night, I am afraid, was thus shattered and the fear that might have registered upon the face of all those present causes me to break out into a fit of giggles just writing this down.

There was even a moment, I would believe, when he may have taken swift flight, leaving our innocent maidens to the dangers that befell them. Ha ha, or perhaps he was merely arming himself with screams that may have caused all mortal elements to be sore amazed.

My tale is now concluded. I must be off before this treacherous smile, breaking out around the corners of my mouth, causes those around me to question my innocence. :P

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