Friday, December 28, 2007


Yes, it has been established, made know unto all who will listen, I am bored! And my brutal friends do not help ease the boredom.

I have a packet of sugar stolen surreptitiously from Barista and my mind has drawn a blank. I've also discovered that when I put anything down in writing, I switch to writing in a very formal register or in English from the seventeenth century...this, the dear Sohna, is helping me overcome. Thanks be unto you, sweet maiden.

So, everyone's gone away....vanquished from these dear lands. Jerusha (we miss you :) ) is living it up in Mizoram and the guys have gone 'Down under' for Christmas. Oooh, behold, a standstill!

Ok...there be no point to this blog! But helllpp


Ved said...
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Ved said...

The world through the 'eyes' of the 3 blind mice,
drunk or otherwise is pretty nice.

keep writing, keep nibbling!

Jerusha said...

Shirley - thou hast taken to theft?! Oh woe woe! Rogues we be, but thieving rogues we be not! Hast boredom driven you on the sure path to the lake of fire?

Shirley said...

Ah Jerusha I am sure that the angels would be most forgiving in this deadly deed. However, ahem, I do believe that you have been thieving yourself....a pretty white matchbox perhaps? From the Taj? Oh the burning lake draws out its path Jerusha tsk tsk :P

Jerusha said...

Shirley - I think it's a noble deed to steal match boxes from people who charge you 400 something for a half glass of white wine. Cheap Indian wine at that. I regret that I didn't steal more. Something of more value. We walk down the fiery path together Shirley..

Shirley said...

LOL yes yes remember that wise saying Jerusha...the road to hell being paved with good intentions. All good intentions, noble one, beginning with the wine :D

Jerusha said...

Amen. I think I will stop by a watering hole and grab a bottle on my way home tonight!

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