Thursday, August 28, 2008

New template, and hello too!

So we got a new template, and redid the entire page! We think it's cute, but even it was not, it's different, and we were stuck with the old one for way too long. But what can we say, we're lazy. When we can't even make decent posts regularly, hunting for and implementing a new template is out of the question.

But here it is. It is done. Hoorah!

And a new template calls for a way overdue new post. It's actually Sohna's turn, but because all she can hear these days are little tinkling bells, no matter how much one reminds her, no matter how often she says yes, it's just not going to happen.

So as the admin mice, I will take it upon myself the task of posting a know what, I can't think of anything. So let's just do pictures this time. I'm gonna go look in my folders and pick 4 random favorite pictures out.

#1 - Look what I shot! Who are these two lovers frolicking by the may ask. And while I can safely reveal the identity of the handsome Brazilian man, I will not because it is of no importance. And yes, the other one is a mice, a rare moment, a mice being friendly with a cunning but stoned cat :-)

#2 - ***sigh*** "Nought warm where your hand was...."#3 - Lucky, and this picture earns a place here because he's so beautiful.
#4 - I like the smiles around the table :-)

Okay, that's all. If either Sohna or Shirley still don't update after this, this blog is as good as dead, new template and all. Gone with the wind.

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