Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I just have to do this

Honestly, I'm not one for blogging - don't ask why, it just takes me too much to think of what from a life so boring would be good enough to go on and cast some glee on some despairing soul.

Nevertheless, here I am sitting in Kerala, Kannur to be precise - a tiny tiny internet cafe called Double Click I think :D Jerusha is sitting next to me typing away - blogging I bet and we're both waiting for a bus to take us to Ernakulam. I have no idea why we chose to go there - we just did. We got out of our hotel, picked up our bags, took an auto to the bus stop and said 'ahem, is there a bus going to Silent Valley or Kottayam (which we figured was the closest place to a dreamy spot - Kumarakom) but no, a stolid shake of negative head. "Go to Ernakulam" said he, for that was apparently the only bus leaving. So yeah, thats where we're going and from there to Cochin and then Kumarakom and then Thekkady. Or so we think - I have no idea what the plan is going to be tomorrow or where we might end up going. But I love it!!

I need to leave now - for the boy in the store just came by meekly saying that the store is to close now. And its only 8:30 pm in this little town...But God, its just the most beautiful feeling in the world. And I had to do my best to express it!


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