Monday, October 8, 2007

First Squeak

Yet another blog up. I've never tried a group blog, so this should be fun. Shirley, Sohna and I will all be contributing on this one. Might be fun, might be boring.

I think this is where I'll write about Firaangi Paanis and Ten Downing Streets and Under Decks and bloody marys and caprioskas and sangrias and pina coladas and flaming shots, who got tipsy, hammered, knackered, smashed, or fucked :D

I don't have any idea what the others will want to write about. Let's wait and see.

End of post. But since
it's the opening post, let's end this sagely :-)

Sohna's sagely saying of the day: You'll get eaten by a bear if you parade around as a lamb but you're really a wolf lamb.

Shirley's sagely saying of the day: No one knows for sure if the blind men of Indostan killed the elephant!

And of course, my sagely saying of the day: Where there's envy, there's usually black bear sauce.


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