Thursday, October 11, 2007

Of Lambs and Being Swallowed by Bears

Have you noticed how all our conversations revolve around the strangest animals, most likely either disguised or swallowed up by other strange animals.

Haha so Sohna dreams of a lamb, which is but in actual fact a wolf and in the bargain gets swallowed by a bear. (Homo homini lupus perhaps?). How about the bear that was swallowed by the lustful peacock? Oooh or the certainty that the brunch we had at the Marriott was but lamb in black 'bear' sauce, cleverly disguised as black 'bean' sauce.

Yes its true, we do live in a dog-eat-dog world or should I say a peacock-eat-bear world. Such may be the hidden psychology behind the strangeness of such fascinating statements as proposed by the Fair Sohna and Veritable Jerusha. However, I must also add that in all likelihood, we're possibly just merely relishing in the glory and drunkeness of past evenings. :)


Jerusha said...

It's Friday evening Shirley, am trying to be good. But to drink, or not to drink, is the question. Am trying to be good.

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