Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Levels Of Drunkenness :D

I just realised we've got our lil things we do when we're drunk. And, you can figure out our level of drunkenness from it...

Voice a lil high pitched: Tipsy
Falling out of cabs: Higher level of 'tipsiness'
Taking her bra off & stuffing it in people's bags: Drunk.
Singing, doing the ballet and jumping over gates: Fucked
Coming to work to do peer reviews: Lunacy

Talking a ridiculous amount: Tipsy
Dancing on empty dance floors: Higher level of 'tipsiness'
Kissing people and cribbing like hell about home: Drunk
Falling over, boldly marching towards stalking cars, confessions of imaginary love: Fucked
Climbing down a waterfall: Idiocy

Giggling a lot: Tipsy
Insisting that she's not high and having 3 shots in one go: Incredible level of 'tipsiness'
Dancing with a beatific smile plastered on her face: Drunk
Dragging people to the dance floor, stripping, showing off diamond point a million times: Fucked
Forgetting everything the next day & promising never to drink again: Unreal :P

Well, I know I'm forgetting tons more... but I've might have been too drunk to remember. :P Will have to corner the guys with us to figure the rest out. :)


Jerusha said...

When have I ever done ballet or anything that's supposed to look like it??!~ I'll bet you hallucinated and saw me doing the ballet in a drunken stupor :)

Sohna said...

No No No... U did! And I think we might have a pic to prove it somewhere!

Jerusha said...

also, I remember this - shirley: taking something out of her bag..
Sohna: what was that???
Shirley: what??
Sohna: was that my bra??! (in Shirley's bag, yes!)

And I think it even turned out it was! :P

Sohna said...

It was! It was! Shirley tried to steal one of my fave bras!! She will, of course, try to deny it!

Shirley said...

It wasn't me! Sohna put it in my bag when i wasn't looking and then pounce upon me for it the next day. I speak the truth!

Jerusha said...

shirley - stealing bras in a drunken state would be understandable, now if you steal bras in a perfectly sober state, I'd start to worry! Or is Sohna lying?

Sohna said...

Not lying :) Shirley has no proof :P

Shirley said...

I do have proof! Jerusha you are the proof for you were the very witness to this despicable act that they accuse me of.

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