Monday, November 5, 2007

Why Zebras are food

For animals higher up in the food chain that is.

It's not just about being a meek herbivore, or a ferocious carnivore. Apatosaurs were also herbivores, and they were meek and gentle. But they still walked tall and mighty. Just being a herbivore is no excuse to be on every carnivore's dinner plate.

But the zebras, look at them. Utter stupidity.
"Butts to the world while I stand here unmoving checking out this huge boulder in front of me in the hope that I might glean some sort of enlightenment from it..."
"Doesn't matter that this will make me an even easier prey than I normally am, I will face the rock and forget that it may just be a mild breeze or a hungry lion breathing on my behind.."


claytonia vices said...


Is the giraffe related to donkeys? I have seen donkeys are very often into some serious contemplation on roadsides... but beware they are more intelligent than we think... like the mice in h2g2?! ;)

Jerusha said...

clay - giraffes and donkeys...hmmm, not sure but most likely not, don't see a lot of family resemblance there :-) They could be related to zebras though!

claytonia vices said...

cut the long neck short and they look nearly the same! ;) And zebras ARE related to the donkeys... they are just wild asses :D

Jerusha said...

hmm any particular reason why you are so knowledgeable about asses? :P

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