Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of Snobs

Jeru's finally back...

Ok, she's been back for ages but I've been too lazy to update before this. :D

She's back and she's become a snob. :D For someone who drank copious amount of beer before leaving, she now refuses to touch the stuff. Wine's the drink for her. Um, well also for all of us....But, we blame her completely for corrupting us!

And we were having a frankie...A lovely chicken roll wrapped in a roti. Ozzie land had her so caught up in exotic food that she called roti 'bread.' Bread!!! Terrible...

And the final straw, she'll only get on the humble flyover in Begumpet if it has the fabled Chinese Restaurant at the end of the Bridge.

The snobbishness is spreading though. Shirley thinks FP is too 'common' now and will only sip 10D and Dublin's finest choice of alcohol. Apparently, I'm a snob cos I won't go out with guys who sms 'gud' and 'muaah.' (Though, I think i'm justified there!!)

Well, the wine's good at the Sheraton and there are no guys who say 'Muah.' Being a snob does have its perks. :)


Shirley said...

Welllll FP is insanely loud - but the service is rather nice I'll admit. Jerusha i can vouch would be the ultimate snob - haha bread! bread Jerusha bread!

Jerusha said...

Shirley - there is no such thing as an 'ultimate snob'! A snob is a snob, you are a snob as much as I am one, if I am one. If I am not, you're also in the clear :P

Also, many, many good, humble men and women before me have referred to 'roti' as bread. Why am I being picked on so mercilessly??

And snobs or no snobs, yes, the sheraton is quiet, and they treat us like queens, and there are no men who *muah* :) So happy snobs people, we are happy snobs! Better than being an unhappy wretch I believe..

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