Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's To You Sohna

Broad smiles, silly grins, broader smiles, a little blush, a turn of bright red and tons of concealer. The very description of Sohna when meeting Prince Charming at 10 D. You think I exaggerate? Well hmm, no not really :P Actually - here's what happened:

We were discussing OKRs (it's true, we are insane) at a nice comfortable booth and bitching about work when he texts her. She texts back. Smile. Tries to go back to talk of work. Fails miserably. He replies to her text. She texts back. She complains of poor network. He walks in. (Choir of angels go off in her head)

Ha ha ok - so I do exaggerate a tad. But this is what I saw. He excuses himself to the men's restroom and which time she boldly summarises all the points we had listed on our little tissue paper. I'm sure she was reading it but I'm not so sure that she was "reading" it LOL.

Big smile throughout our time there with occasional trips to the bathroom and questions of "Well....?" and "What do you think....?" and "Well.....?"

I will admit though, it was a fun night. I flopped myself right bang in the middle of their date very shamelessly and ended up with a glorious hangover the next morning. But as this post goes to show - No regrets! :D


Jerusha said...

And this is why Shirley, we should buy the good Amit the best meal ever at the best restaurant in town! To show our ap[preciation for the restful nights and rosy chins and permanent smiles.

Shirley said...

haha amen to that Jerusha!

Anonymous said...

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Pointblank said...

hey there! nice post.. and that girl in the middle looks very familiar! Is she from MCC, if its okay to ask?

Jerusha said...

hi pointblank, nice of you to drop by! Which pic are you referring to, if you mean the one on Shirley's profile pic - that's Sohna, and she's never been to MCC. If you mean the pic on the blog, it's me, and I've never been to MCC either :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

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Ravin said...

Wow! Hyderabad has changed since I left in the early nineties. I used to live in suburbia '91-'94 till I moved to Chennai.

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