Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Case of the Running Ram

The ram that ran was quite a puzzle. Nobody could tell why it was running only that it was running. There is also the fact that no one could tell that it was in actual fact a ram. Anyways, there was this one wise soul amidst us all who knew in essence what it was about.

Here's what I saw and I feel compelled to leave a legacy of its record or fear the punishment of the gods who've given me the gift of its sight.

We were in an auto, cruising down the roads of Banjara Hills. Six of us in a vehicle that would ideally accommodate four in a rather snug fashion. Us girls, Orpi, Neysa, Jerusha and I were sitting in the back with two strikingly not so handsome men controlling the wheel (the rudder? handle? whats that called?) Anyways, we were cruising along, everyone looking gorgeous and glamorous, with the wind in our hair ready for a beautiful Saturday night. It was at this time of perfect contentment that Jerusha let out what appeared to be something between a squeal and a yelp - one of excitement and also disbelief.

"Oh My God!!" "Isn't that the fattest dog you've ever seen! Look at it - so cute and healthy and beautiful." Us girls being what we are managed to push ourselves over to careen out as far as we could (without tipping the auto over) in a bid to espy to reverend creature. It had an owner attached to it who was running as fast as this creature was - barely making it, I think. "Oh how cute!" "Oh My God" "Wow", said I, "It almost looks like a ram"

Neysa, not one I think for dogs, piped up with "what's going on?" "a dog, replied I "that almost looks like a ram" "Well what is it?" Another glance and it didn't take much time for revelation to dawn. "Its a ram a ram!" Haha that's probably the funniest thing I've seen in ages and I cannot stop laughing, neither of us can. Jerusha most of all. She who swore upon her very soul that what she witnessed was the healthy able body of an enormously fat dog running with horns on its head, a black sheen in its body, did I mention horns on its head? Not sure what it was after but Jerusha I know for one, could not understand the whole idea of the contraption of horns located on top of a dog's head. It's quite the thought really - why a dog would have horns.

Haha, as you can see, it's hard and maybe you, whoever reads this, ought to have been there to understand the significance of this hilarious moment. But god, it was funny. I for one know that our rickshaw drivers giggled, guffawed and thought about ways in which the Indian culture has died, that the way of the girl is no longer the way of the girl and went back to their families and thanked the Lord for their homely wives and well behaved children and prayed for that to last forever.

But I had the most amazing time that night and love these girls and am so glad we get to do all these fun things that we can think about as time goes by and just be happy for these moments. Love them :)


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