Saturday, February 21, 2009

Continuing from Kerala

Still humid, only this time its a different internet cafe - and nothing going by the name of Double Click :) I can't believe how far we've come and all the incredible things we've managed to get done.

We left the quaintest little village this morning, a beautiful cottage on the banks of the river Pampa with houseboats shuttling up and down it and surrounded by the lushest (is that a word?) paddy fields. We watched the prettiest sunsets across a sea of green and watched the night sky with a million stars in it - pointing out familiar constellations and calling them by different names. But the feeling can't be desribed especially when all the lights in the village go out and you're running out to the waterside to get a better glimpse of the stars and then imagine that you've stepped on a snake in the darkness. Haha I've never seen anyone jump the way Jerusha did that night. But to be fair to her, we did see the most hideous looking snakes floating around in the water and then leaping on to river banks all scaly and glistening in the sun with the water reflecting off their backs.

We're carrying on with our travels much as I hate to leave Alleppey and that village behind, I'm looking forward to making it into Silent Valley tomorrow morning. For now, we're both in a tiny town in Palakad hoping to find a fairly decent place to stay for the night. We've decided to start a travelogue when we make it back to Hyderabad. So much has happened in the last week that I'm almost afraid of returning to life and routine but its home and what makes things what they are I suppose. Until back at work in Hyd then I guess, ta ta and wish us luck! :)


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